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Jeet Palan

Jeet Palan is an Technical Consultant at Perficient. He has experience in Manual and Automation testing. In addition to this, he is willing to learn different types of testing and likes to know and learn about new trending technologies.

Blogs from this Author

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Enhancing Test Reporting using ExtentReports in Selenium

Selenium, a widely-used automation testing framework, can be augmented with powerful reporting tools to provide detailed insights into test execution. One such tool is ExtentReports, a versatile reporting library that seamlessly integrates with Selenium to enhance the visibility and comprehensibility of test results.   Understanding ExtentReports ExtentReports is an open-source reporting library for Java and […]

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Understanding Virtuoso Flows: A Comprehensive Overview

What is Flow in Virtuoso? Flow is an official app by Virtuoso, designed to enable users to create customized flows for Virtuoso events, thereby establishing efficient automation on the Virtuoso platform. While testing applications, you’ll eventually encounter unusual or non-standard situations. For example: Multi-system scenarios: After creating a request in application A, verify if the […]

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Simplifying Email Integration in Selenium with JavaMail

JavaMail, a powerful and versatile Java library, comes to the rescue by simplifying the process of sending emails directly from your Selenium scripts. What is JavaMail? JavaMail is a Java API that provides a set of abstract classes, interfaces, and implementing classes for sending and receiving email messages. It simplifies the process of handling email […]

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Automating Network Simulation in Selenium with Java: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome back to the second part of our network simulation series! In this blog, we’ll explore the exciting world of automating network simulation using Selenium and Java. By incorporating network simulation into your automated testing suite, you can ensure that your web applications are thoroughly tested under diverse network conditions. Let’s dive into the step-by-step […]

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Simulating Network Offline Mode in Selenium 4

Selenium 4 introduces powerful features that allow you to simulate various network scenarios, providing a robust foundation for testing your web applications. In this blog, we’ll dive into the fascinating realm of simulating offline network conditions using Selenium 4 and Chrome DevTools. Setting Up Selenium WebDriver with Chrome DevTools To embark on the journey of […]

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Exploring Selenium 4 Actions API: Part 2

Welcome back to our exploration of Selenium 4’s Actions API. In this second part, we’ll delve into advanced techniques and real-world applications of the enhanced Actions API. The focus will be on mouse actions, including click and release, alternate button clicks, double-clicking, moving to elements, and drag-and-drop functionalities. Additionally, we’ll provide insights into when to […]

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Exploring Selenium 4: Dive into the Actions API

Selenium 4, the latest iteration of the Selenium WebDriver, introduces several enhancements to streamline web automation. One notable improvement is the revamped Actions API. This low-level interface provides virtualized device input actions to the web browser, offering granular control over keyboard, mouse, pen, touch devices, and even scroll wheel interactions. In this blog, we will […]

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Capturing Screenshots of Specific Web Elements: Selenium 4

In the ever-evolving landscape of web automation, Selenium 4 has emerged as a powerhouse with a plethora of features aimed at enhancing the testing experience. Among the standout additions is the capability to capture screenshots of specific web elements. This feature not only simplifies debugging but also provides a robust mechanism for visual validation in […]

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Mastering Network Simulation Using Chrome DevTools

When creating and testing websites or applications, mimicking real-life network situations is really important. Chrome DevTools offers a strong way to mimic various network conditions. It helps developers and testers imitate different networks and check how well their applications work in different situations. This guide will take you through the steps of simulating networks using […]

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A Deep Dive into Selenium 4’s Relative Locators

In the fast-changing world of automating tasks on the web, keeping up means getting really good at using tools that can easily handle the always-changing problems. Selenium 4 has a new feature called Relative Locators. It’s a big deal because it makes it easier to deal with complex connections between different parts of a website’s […]

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Using Virtuoso Commands

As we learned in the last blog, how do we create Virtuoso Journeys and their checkpoints. In this blog, we will see some essential commands and how to use them in Virtuoso to write tests in Natural Language Syntax and by targeting a specific element. Virtuoso Tests Following the creation of Journey, test cases can […]

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Exploring Virtuoso Journeys

As we all know, Goals are testing areas inside a project which can be a small section of an application or a whole application. Once the Goal is created, it is set to add end-to-end test steps in the Journey. What is Journey in Virtuoso? With specific validations and checkpoints in between, the journey enables […]

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