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Jordan Miller

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Would a Podcast Be Good for Your Brand? It’s Highly Likely

If you’re looking to explore new avenues to expand your reach—and the depth of affinity—podcasting may be the perfect channel for you. Did you know: 48 million people listen to podcasts weekly and 16 million are “avid podcast fans” They’re more likely to follow companies and brands They are more likely to subscribe to Netflix […]

Every Word is an Opportunity—Let your Brand Speak for Itself

From billboards and videos to banner ads and email, every time you talk to your customers is an opportunity to further your brand. Even the error messages on your website can be crafted to fit your style. But to do it right, the first step is to establish your brand’s tone of voice. This is […]

Your Mobile App Needs a Writer

So, you’ve decided that you need a native mobile app. When you’re building the team to create this app, you know you need a designer, a UX architect, someone to manage the project, and the engineers to build it. That’s it, right? Not quite! I can tell you from experience that having a writer on […]

In Your Change Management Strategy, Don’t Overlook Video

You’ve just spent a good amount of time and resources to making an organizational system change that will make work easier and more efficient. The only problem now is getting people off the legacy systems and onto the new one without too much strain. Change is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. With video […]

How Long Should My Video Be?

When we’re approached to create a video for our clients, one of the first questions we always tackle is “How long should it be?” Video length is important for so many reasons—how many viewers actually click on the video in the first place, how many watch it all the way through, the impact of your […]