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Customer-Focused IoT with Salesforce – #DF16

Now is an exciting time in the world of the internet of things (IoT). Exciting for both customers and businesses. As Salesforce IoT Cloud approaches general availability, now is the time to start and accelerate your IoT transformation journey. Customer-focused IoT is the next exciting phase of IoT. Customer-focused IoT combines device and product oriented […]

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Building an End-to-End Solution with IoT Cloud and AWS – #DF16

Thursday’s IoT session entitled “IoT Cloud and AWS: Creating the End-to-End IoT Solution for Businesses” provided a great overview of the IoT business opportunity for organizations and a concrete view of a relatable end-to-end solution built with Amazon AWS and Salesforce IoT Cloud. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know from the session: […]

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Driving Sales with IoT Cloud – #DF16

The Wednesday morning IoT session “Driving Sales with IoT Cloud: Turn Every Connected Device Into a Sales Machine”, was interesting. Here is my rundown of the high points and key takeaways. The connectivity revolution offers a massive opportunity to disrupt. A traditional “Products Only” mindset and strategy can have limited growth potential and can be […]

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Customer Experience Transformation in Telecom – #DF16

Yesterday, I attended an insightful session lead by Andrew Baer, SVP Comms and Media Industry of Salesforce, which covered the business opportunities and the real-world successes of a customer experience transformation in the Communications Service Provider industry. Here are the highlights Core to a positive customer experience is that customers expect simpler experiences. The four […]

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