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Ernie Cheng

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How to handle iPad landscape and portrait layout using size class

Apple introduced the size class to allow the developer to create one single layout for multiple displays. This is one of the core concepts behind the adaptive layout. In this article, we are not going to cover the fundamental concepts of size class, if you are not familiar with it, you can refer to this […]

How to Make Your iOS App Accessible Using Xcode8 & swift3.1

Intro: Can you imagine how people with visual impairments use their Apple devices without the help from a sighted person? Apple provides an amazing accessibility feature in iOS called Voiceover, which makes the iPhone easier to operate for the blind and sight impaired. To make a long story short, Voiceover is capable of describing an […]

3 Modern Indoor Position System Technologies

Why do we need an Indoor Positioning System?  Global Positioning Systems don’t work indoors,since they only work in two dimensions, and with more and more business needing a context-aware solution,IPS are becoming more popular. With the giant leap to the Internet of Things(IoT), precise indoor positioning opens countless possibilities for new generation mobile applications.For instance, […]