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#NRF16: Uncover What Customers Value, Deliver Reliable Experience

Focus on what your customer wants, for they are all that truly matters. But let’s come back to that. Spending time at the National Retail Federation’s 2016 annual convention meant exposure to a staggering collection of gadgetry, hardware, technology, and an impressive gathering of some of the retail industry’s greatest thought leaders. Whether the goal […]

So…You need a new website.

by David Hess Allow me to cut to the chase. You know you need a new website and do not need me to explain why. Your business stakeholders, your IT team, and that nagging voice in your head remind you on a daily basis that your site lacks speed, functionality, and no longer drives the […]

But I Want Commerce AND Content Management!

You have an e-commerce site that serves a variety of vertical markets, perhaps diverse geographies, but more critically – a wide array of customers. You may have spent tens of thousands of dollars to ensure your site provides a positive user experience…yet you can’t seem to really reach or engage your potential customers. The traditional website has generally […]