CJ Morgan

CJ is a software developer with over 15 years of experience. In 2015 he became a Sitecore certified developer. CJ has a BS in Computer Science from East Carolina University. He enjoys learning and solving issues that help me to become a better programmer. He also likes teaching others because it mutually benefits him and the person learning--so win-win! In his spare time, CJ enjoys playing video games, basketball, racquetball, and hanging out with family.

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Change Sitecore Item ID

The Sitecore Item ID is one of those properties that I have always been told that you can’t change. They were basically right because if you look at Sitecore.Data.Items.Item in the Sitecore.Kernel dll using dotPeek you will see that for the ID there is a get but no set property. It looks like this below […]

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How to Force the Index to Update on the CD Server

The issue: Index not updating properly A while back I ran into an issue where the index on the CD server was not updating correctly. I checked the EventQueue table and the event existed to update the index but it just wasn’t happening. The client was frustrated since the items had been published but the […]