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5 Benefits of Cloud Computing You May Be Missing Out On

Just because you are running some workloads in the cloud does not mean you are realizing the benefits of cloud computing. It takes changes in process and governance, as well as in architecture design, and even philosophy to realize the benefits of cloud computing. Here are 5 of the benefits you will not get simply […]

SOA and API Management

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Application Programming Interface (API) Management relate to each other in both complementary and contrasting ways. The fact that API is a much older term than SOA, but SOA came before API Management can make this relationship even more confusing, especially if focus is on the “API” part of API Management, […]

Integration is a Business Differentiator

In this age of Digital Transformation, when we talk about Mobile, Social, Cloud, Internet of Things, Big Data, Machine Learning, and so on, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) sounds a little quaint, but neglecting it can be more dangerous to your business than ever. Today, SaaS means that any business person with a credit card can […]

A Dead Economist’s Argument for Cloud Computing

In 1815, after Duke of Wellington ends years of war between the United Kingdom and France by defeating Napoleon at Waterloo, the UK parliament passes the “Corn Laws” which prohibit import of cheap grain from France. The motivation is obviously to protect British land owner’s monopoly, but the argument for why the UK shouldn’t be […]