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Alexsander Petrenko

Alex Petrenko is a Lead Technical Consultant in Perficient's Microsoft Business Unit, where he works across multiple industries. He graduated from Northwestern University with a Master of Science in Data Science and the University of San Diego with a Master of Science in Cybersecurity Engineering; he is a Data Scientist with a background in Cybersecurity. Alex serves on the board of directors of a cybersecurity firm that focuses on intelligent technologies that assist organizations in implementing preventive measures and maintaining a resilient cybersecurity posture. He is also an avid blogger and athlete.

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Quantum computing is the next wave in technology.

Quantum Computing in the Workplace

The most exceptional approach to maintain technological momentum in an exponentially growing world is to embrace it proactively. Quantum computing is here and we are starting to become a super species migrating away from our current methods into the quantum realm. In a short time, we’ll be able to solve challenging problems that require complicated […]

Data Science Model Presentation

Quick Tips on How to Sell Your Data Science Model

During a five-week IBM training program, I learned a few things about how to sell data science models that I’d like to share it with you. The program was explicitly designed to educate and familiarize IBM’s business partners on how to expand relationships with clients; an introduction to emerging tools; and a glimpse into IBM’s future so […]