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Amit Malhotra

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4 Ways to Tell What Your BYOD Mobile Device Landscape Looks Like

Is your enterprise or department ready and prepared for the next suite and portfolio of mobile apps? Are you ready to take your department beyond the mail and calendar app on the device? You are chomping at the bit and would love to get your enterprise on-board the mobile apps train. But hold on! Do […]

The Secrets of Design Thinking for Enterprise Mobile Apps

According to IDEO, “Design Thinking is a about believing we can make a difference, and having an intentional process in order to get to new relevant solutions that create positive impact.” It is also described as being human-centered, collaborative, optimistic and experimental. IDEO follows an open-source process to implement Design Thinking by dividing it into the […]

3 Frameworks for Creating Reusable Style-based iOS UI Components

Web developers are familiar with the importance of Cascading Style Sheets when developing HTML5 apps. The basic premise is simple, standard look and feel of the elements can be described separately in a CSS definition file and without changing a lot of other code, or simply by applying a different CSS file, you can alter […]

5 controversies regarding using HTML5 frameworks for Mobile Apps

In a recent webcast, Amir Nathoo of and Tim Anglade of Apigee examined the tradeoffs of building HTML5 versus native mobile apps. It was a good overview and introduction to what is HTML5 based hybrid apps all about. Towards the end of the webinar, there was a discussion around the controversies surrounding such a hybrid approach. […]

Twenty Open Source iOS Frameworks You Should be Using

Objective-C on the iOS platform continues to rise in popularity. Between iOS and Android platforms, now there are close to 1.6 billion apps. This is a phenomenal number of apps. Given this explosion, it is but natural to see the proliferation of some excellent open source frameworks on social code repositories like Github and Google Code. This […]