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Adam Bryant

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The Best Technical Solution Isn’t Always The Right Solution

As consultants, we are expected to provide solutions for our customers. But those solutions must be the “right” solution whether or not they are the “best” technical solution. As technology professionals, it is up to us to recognize when the latest whiz-bang technology may not be what is needed by the customer. Guilty as charged […]

IM is No Substitute for P2P

Let’s face it, in today’s world we have about a zillion different electronic means of communicating. I feel justified in making that assessment because I am of an age where I recall when email was a new-fangled thing. We get so used to being able to instantly message someone or shoot off a quick email […]

4 Ways Consultants Can Get Connected in a Distributed World

As consultants, we work in a distributed world where teams are often composed of people in different locations. Your team might be across the country or across the world.  You might even work from home with no other coworkers around.  Making personal connections with your fellow employees is a real challenge in this situation. It […]