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Akhilesh Ayyar

Akhilesh Ayyar is a Senior Technical Consultant at Perficient Inc. He is currently working as Front-end Developer with the CAT team. He is a JavaScript enthusiast and loves to share and hear experiences related to Front-End Development.

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Generator Functions in JavaScript

If you’ve been a JavaScript developer for some time and heard about ECMAScript 6 (ES6) concepts, then you must have come across generator functions. You might be thinking, what are generator functions? Why do we need it? What problems do they solve? We can find the answer, but we have to take a step back […]

Choosing Between Ternaries or && in JSX

There is always the question that runs in the mind of developers, do I choose ternaries or logical && to use in React? Personally, I always prefer logical && over ternaries to handle the truth condition. Let me explain why. Just a few days ago, I was writing the following React code: import React from […]