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Life at Perficient

Driving Innovation: Inside Perficient’s Risk and Regulatory Center of Excellence

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Our success at Perficient emanates from the dedication of our team. We take immense pride in recognizing that our committed individuals propel innovation and drive change within our industry. Every voice within our organization holds significance, none more so than Carolyn Lee, a Project Manager (PM) in our Financial Services business unit and a leader in Perficient’s Risk and Regulatory Center of Excellence (CoE).

The CoE Background

Perficient’s Risk and Regulatory CoE was established to confront potential compliance issues. This proactive approach enables our clients to mitigate legal and financial risks while upholding a positive reputation and maintaining stakeholder trust.

Understanding the intricacies of the risk and regulatory landscape is fundamental to our team members within the Risk and Regulatory CoE. With over 500 financial institutions relying on Perficient’s expertise, we equip them with cutting-edge software and technologies to navigate these challenges seamlessly.
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Meet Carolyn

Introduce yourself and provide an overview of your role at Perficient:
I am a project manager within Financial Services (FS). I have worked in consulting for the last six years before coming to Perficient. I joined Perficient through the Management Consulting business unit and started with FS a year ago. As a PM in FS, I support delivery oversight of two of our biggest accounts to ensure we are meeting and beating client expectations and that our team members are supported to succeed. I also enable recruiting and onboarding for both accounts, help manage the client relationship, and support sales cycles and account strategy. Carolyn Supplemental Photo
What drew you to risk and regulatory matters?
I was the PM on a project supporting risk and control assessment (RCSA) testing and formed deep relationships with the team members who are special matter experts (SMEs) in the space. I am always looking at ways I can drive action for Perficient using my project management and communication skills and this is one area I have focused on. I understand the value of the relationship and have used my knowledge of greater Perficient and my relationships with our SMEs to enable Perficient to support our client’s risk and regulatory needs.
How do you see the Center of Excellence contributing to Perficient’s overall success and client satisfaction?
I see the Risk & Regulatory Center of Excellence playing a crucial role in enhancing client satisfaction in a variety of ways:

  • Expertise and Specialization: The CoE is a team of experts who specialize in risk management and regulatory matters. This expertise can lead to a deeper understanding of client needs and challenges, resulting in more effective and targeted solutions.
  • Best Practices & Standards: We can leverage the CoE to establish and promote the best risk and regulatory practices within Financial Services. This ensures that the services provided to clients adhere to the highest quality and standards, instilling confidence and trust.
  • Knowledge Sharing: The CoE is a knowledge hub, and we can leverage our various experiences and insights to educate not only each other but the greater company. This will help ensure that everyone is aligned with the latest information, which can result in more informed decision-making and improved service delivery.
  • Collaboration: The CoE is a collaborative space that fosters communication and cooperation. Improved collaboration can lead to an integrated approach to client service. It can help enable our sales teams to understand where we can best serve our clients from a risk and regulatory perspective.
  • Innovation: By staying at the forefront of risk and regulatory trends, we can drive the development of new and improved services or solutions, meeting evolving client demands and expectations.

How would you describe the culture within Perficient, particularly within the Risk and Regulatory Center of Excellence?

Here at Perficient we believe in empowering our people and know that it is our people that make the difference. Perficient promises to challenge, champion, and celebrate our people. I see this culture in the CoE where each member brings their own experience and expertise to the table to enable Perficient to be at the forefront of risk management and regulatory capabilities and ultimately help drive solutions and results for our clients.

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A Shining Example

Carolyn Lee’s journey within Perficient’s Financial Services division and Risk and Regulatory CoE exemplifies our commitment to fostering talent and driving excellence. Her innate ability to cultivate relationships and her astute understanding of risk and regulatory matters have significantly contributed to Perficient’s success – brava Carolyn!


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