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Carl Aridas Empowers Risk and Regulatory Compliance Excellence for Financial Services Leaders

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At the core of our business’s successes lie the brilliant minds and unwavering dedication of our workforce—individuals who consistently prioritize delivering industry insights and pioneering digital solutions. Today, we’re spotlighting one exceptional individual: Carl Aridas. As the visionary leader of our Financial Services Risk and Regulatory Center of Excellence (CoE), Aridas personifies excellence and innovation in every endeavor.

Professional and Industry Background

Since joining the team four years ago, Aridas has been instrumental in bringing immense value to his projects. As a seasoned project manager and business compliance specialist, he brings to the table expert industry knowledge and a deep understanding of the intricacies of the risk and regulatory compliance space.

Aridas’ passion for risk and regulatory matters dates back to his early career with the FDIC during the Savings & Loan Crisis of the early ’90s. It was during this time that Carl dedicated himself to working as a regulator and conducting financial analysis.

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Our Financial Services Risk and Regulatory CoE: Adding Business Value

As he reflects on the journey to establish the Risk and Regulatory Center of Excellence (CoE), it becomes evident that its creation stemmed from a genuine need within Perficient.

“I had been pushing for the establishment of the CoE for some time. Sellers had approached me with questions about risk and regulatory matters, making me realize the need for a centralized hub of expertise within Perficient. I wanted to go beyond project management and wanted to hold regular meetings and write blog posts. Collaborating with other fellow CoE members, we compiled a portfolio of successful risk and regulatory projects that Perficient had been able to deliver. By analyzing project outcomes, we were able to create an understanding of our capabilities within risk and regulatory. Today, our sales staff is able to gather useful information from many blogs and other content spanning various aspects of risk and regulatory reporting; they have the tools now to effectively engage with our clients.”

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Fostering Inclusion Within the Financial Services CoE

Describing the environment within the CoE, Aridas emphasizes openness, collaboration, and diversity.

“As the leader of the CoE, what I like so much about it, and I try to foster it very very much, is the openness of the group. That new people are able to join. That new ideas are welcomed. If a blog needs to be rewritten or re-thought, if someone has a new idea, individuals can speak up and the work gets done.”

Aridas goes on to mention how each individual in the CoE contributes to continued shared knowledge and professional development saying “We have a fairly large group of 12 to 20 people who show up when and if they can; it is a diverse group. A group of people all over the globe with different backgrounds. When you get different people with different backgrounds in banking, risk, in data management together, it allows for a tremendous amount of cross-training. You can’t help but learn more during the weekly sessions. It allows us to always understand what’s happening in the market space.”

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Driving Innovation

Without a doubt, Aridas’ invaluable contributions as a leader have not only propelled the success of the CoE but have also produced new opportunities within various business units. As he puts it: “I, as a leader, have already learned an immense amount and I’m grateful and thankful for that opportunity. I think by the end of the year we’re going to be 10 times better than where we are now. I’m looking forward to it.”

Unlock Our Expertise

Perficient’s Risk and Regulatory CoE was established to confront potential compliance issues. This proactive approach enables our clients to mitigate legal and financial risks while upholding a positive reputation and maintaining stakeholder trust.

Our unparalleled financial services expertise and digital leadership across platforms and businesses empower the largest organizations to overcome complex challenges and foster growth.

Contact us today to navigate the evolving landscape of risk and regulatory compliance successfully.

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