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Influencing Shopping Lists with Gen AI for Consumer Goods

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What makes a consumer buy a product from one brand over another? The answer used to be brand loyalty and quality of product, but the landscape for consumer goods companies has recently flipped upside down. Anymore, consumer goods companies gain and retain loyalty from customers because of the experiences they provide. Thankfully, generative AI has brought about the acceleration of experience creation and allowed companies to dive into new levels of personalization. 

Gen AI has the potential to revolutionize customer engagement by creating personalized marketing assets and experiences. For consumer goods companies, these assets can be generated to subtly promote the brand and its products and make it easy for the customer to make the decision to purchase. 

Improved Customer Service Fueled by AI 

Chatbots have been around for several years, but their limitations have still left customers wanting the human touch. Generative AI has the power to improve that customer experience while still lowering call volumes and costs for consumer goods companies. It is now much more possible for customers to get answers to even the most obscure questions that could not have been predicted by engineers setting up questions and answers in chatbots. 

When armed with comprehensive information on products, inventory, and more, the best generative AI tools can pull the requested information without hallucinations (making up information when there is a lack of information), the fear of which has caused many companies to hesitate in implementing AI before. 

Hyper-Personalizing the Experience 

Gen AI can analyze a wealth of customer data including purchase history, preferences, and behavioral patterns. By leveraging this information, consumer goods companies can create tailored experiences for individual customers.  

For instance, generative AI algorithms can provide personalized meal plans that suit the specific dietary needs and preferences of each consumer, and then recommend the company’s products as part of that meal plan. This not only ensures customer satisfaction and convenience but also establishes a deeper connection between the brand and its customers. The same approach can be used for building a customized grocery list, fitness plan, or home improvement plan – the possibilities are only limited by the imagination – that answers to that specific customer’s needs and recommends the company’s products as part of the solution. 

By building an experience with the brand that fosters consumer loyalty, companies can transform from hard-selling entities to trusted advisors and partners to their customers. 

Enabling Seamless Operations 

Gen AI can significantly impact the operational efficiency of consumer goods companies. By analyzing customer data, AI algorithms can identify trends and patterns, enabling better inventory management. This data-driven approach allows companies to forecast demand accurately, reducing waste and optimizing resources. Such streamlined operations positively impact the overall customer experience, leading to increased loyalty and retention. 

Taking Marketing to the Next Level 

Gen AI enables consumer goods companies to create compelling marketing campaigns. By analyzing browsing and purchase histories, AI algorithms can generate targeted advertisements that resonate with individual customers. This personalized approach not only captures the attention of consumers but also increases the likelihood of conversion. By aligning their offerings with customer needs, consumer goods companies can influence purchase decisions and drive sales. 

Revolutionize Consumer Goods with Gen AI 

Consumer goods companies have the potential to revolutionize their customer experience, loyalty, operations, and sales with generative AI. The ability to deliver tailored experiences will take consumer goods companies to the next level and allow their products to become a part of immersive, personalized experiences across all aspects of the consumer’s life.  

Provide unparalleled value to customers with Perficient’s generative AI and consumer goods expertise. 


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