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Let’s Connect at the Puerto Rico CIO & IT Leadership Conference

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Let’s Connect at the Puerto Rico CIO & IT Leadership Conference

From October 12, 2023 to October 13, 2023, we will have several Perficient colleagues at the Puerto Rico IT Cluster’s CIO & IT Leadership conference to support companies in the region as they continue to transform through digital technology.

Our industry, technology, and strategy capabilities place Perficient at the forefront of the technology space, and we are excited to engage with our peers at this year’s conference. Our innovative approaches and practical advice tie in closely with many of the conference topics, and our team is looking forward to connecting with you and discussing how we can collaborate to drive success for you and your organization.

Today’s business environment requires organizations to rethink their processes and investments in digital from the past ten years. Over time, many investments have been tactical or not directly linked to other digital initiatives. As such, many organizations struggle to integrate, share, and manage their digital assets, properties, and processes in an effective and collaborative manner to ensure a seamless experience and maximum return on their investment.

As such, organizations must look to their digital strategy and processes to pursue innovation and agility while integrating multiple channels, mediums, and the infrastructure to support those efforts in a seamless and cost-effective way. A key step towards a successful digital strategy is leveraging the cloud and multi-cloud environments for strategic benefits. Our team is experienced and certified in many leading platforms as we partner with leading technology companies like Microsoft, Salesforce, Google, Oracle, and AWS.

As organizations look to optimize their investments, three key elements are fundamental to a successful transformation journey. Think big, start small, and move fast. It is essential to have a North Star that drives strategic direction, while you simultaneously define initiatives and actions in small blocks. This allows you to be agile while you experiment and to learn via iterative processes. All of this comes together to enable you to move ahead and adjust your path as the learning provides insights.


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At Perficient, we focus on supporting our clients’ growth and accelerating their business by embracing constant change and enabling processes that align with these concepts. Driving a digital-first mindset and supporting our clients across the spectrum, Perficient offers strategy and transformation, experience design, product innovation, platforms and technology, and data and intelligence capabilities that enable transformative change with a pragmatic approach.

As one size does not fit all, Perficient is adaptable to your needs, and we can provide support in any area of your digital journey, from staffing support to full strategy to transformation and delivery across multiple platforms and industries. At the same time, we bring recognized thought leadership and innovative ideas to help our customers achieve their strategic goals, grow their businesses, and increase loyalty.

We look forward to seeing you in Puerto Rico at the CIO & IT Leadership Conference to learn about your organization’s current direction, challenges, and ideas and to provide insights to help your organization grow!

If you are interested in connecting before, feel free to reach out.


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Enrique Ortiz Mundo

Enrique is an experienced international digital transformation executive with a successful track record in Management Consulting, Information Technology delivery, and Business Development areas. He has a technical and business background in local and international markets across the Caribbean, Latin America, Australia, and the United States. Enrique is a tech enthusiast, a beach lover with two college kids, and a lovely young husky companion.

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