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With a New Year Comes a New Marketo Engage

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Marketo Engage January 2023 Release

Last week Adobe began rolling out the latest features of Marketo Engage as part of the January 2023 release. The new features enhance the capabilities of the platform in many exciting ways to support improvements in lead engagement, marketing/sales alignment, and attribution reporting. Read on to learn about three robust improvements to look out for in Dynamic Chat, Modern UX, and Marketo Measure.

Dynamic Chat

The live chat feature of Marketo Engage, Dynamic Chat, received several useful enhancements in the latest release. One of these features, Chat Transcript, lets marketing and sales teams view the entire conversation that took place during any given chat session. The transcript is accessible via a link that can be shared with stakeholders to inform strategy and outreach, such as Sales and Customer Success. Another improvement to Dynamic Chat helps admins clean up the design canvas when building out complex conversation journeys, which can become a rat’s nest of branch logic and conditional flows. In a single click, the conversation cards on the canvas are untangled and rearranged into a logical order that make it easier to view and manage. And finally, for better marketing and sales alignment, Dynamic Chat now surfaces milestones in chat sessions such as ‘Engaged Dialogue’, ‘Scheduled Appointment’, ‘Reached Goal’, and ‘Interacted with Document’ in Sales Insight for sellers to leverage in their prospecting.

Modern UX

In the Marketing Engage interface, referred to as the Modern UX (and formerly known as the Next Generation Experience), the latest release delivers an improved Used By tab for both Email Templates and Snippets. To make it easier to manage your assets, the Used By page layout now offers list views which make it possible to scan multiple templates at once without having to access each one individually as in the past. Even more exciting, changes can be applied to multiple templates at once, adding greater efficiency and time-savings in asset upkeep. Moreover, the list views can be searched and filtered by status, date/time last modified and type. These changes will be, undoubtedly, much appreciated by any Marketo Engage user who has toiled for countless hours over template updates or troubleshooting exercises without the benefit of these great new administrative features.

Marketo Measure

The January release of Marketo Engage also offers a new capability for its attribution analytics tool, Marketo Measure (formerly known as Bizible). The enhancement involves leveraging Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) as the universal B2B data source, enabling data from any CRM and MAP to be used in Marketo Measure’s attribution reporting. Moreover, the data from multiple CRMs and MAPs can flow simultaneously through AEP and into the data sets being used in Measure’s attribution analytics engine. This critical update has the potential to provide a more complete picture of the buyer journey for organizations interacting with prospects and customers on a variety of digital fronts and is hugely helpful when assessing the true impact and ROI of marketing programs.

The Full Power of AEP

All in all, the January 2023 release of Marketo Engage is chock-full of new features, bolstering its functionality to meet an ever-growing list of user needs driven by constantly expanding business requirements. Adobe’s work to improve Dynamic Chat, included at no additional cost to subscribers, is a strong play for adding value and further improving upon the stickiness of its platform by offering an increasingly attractive no-cost alternative to the other expensive point solutions available in the market for live chat. In addition, the update being rolled out for Marketo Measure is a big and important step in leveraging the full power of the Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) and making Marketo Engage a more robust reporting tool for analyzing the complex buyer journeys of today.

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