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Sitecore Content Hub: Digital Rights Management

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What is Digital Rights Management?


Digital Rights Management is meant to enforce additional governance around assets and prevent any unauthorized usage of the assets. Sitecore Content Hub DAM offers an out-of-the-box feature that will help restrict asset usage based on the media type, territory, and time.


Benefits of DRM:

  • Improved asset governance
  • Reduces risk of piracy, copyright infringement and enterprise IP violations
  • Seamless workflows for teams

How is DRM managed in Sitecore Content Hub?

Within Content Hub, you can create DRM Contracts and Profiles to link to assets to prevent unauthorized downloads and usage. Your DRM administrator will have a chance to implement simple or complex rights, require explicit approval for certain assets and more.

By being able to manage the assets and DRM contracts all in one place, you are creating a more seamless workflow for your teams to be able to produce, reuse and secure assets as needed.

Use Case

A really great use case for implementing DRM is if your company leverages stock photos. Based on your license agreements with providers such as Adobe stock, you can implement restrictions on assets. Let’s say you purchase a beautiful stock image to use in a social media campaign.

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The license for this picture is valid for the year of 2023 and can only be utilized for social media campaigns in North America.

You will build out a contract and profile that covers these restrictions and upload a copy of the license agreement. Once the profile is created you will be able to link the asset to the Digital Rights Profile. After the restrictions are in place if a user goes access the asset – they will only be able to preview the asset with a watermark. If they try to download the asset – they will have to input all the correct information for media, territory, and date. If the user inputs incorrect information, they will be prompted to request access and to explain the use case for why they need that image.

Additionally, if you have complex rights or require that the asset needs explicit approval – you can enforce that as well.

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Thoughts on “Sitecore Content Hub: Digital Rights Management”

  1. Brandon Luhring

    Great article, Tiffany! Thanks for sharing this.

    You mention the ability to have complex DRM as well. Content Hub is highly configurable and can integrate with other authentication and permission systems. Can it use custom properties to set up the digital rights profile? I assume that types of users or business partners can drive the permissions, but what about things like recent sales numbers? Like a business partner who achieves “gold level” quotas…

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