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Leveraging Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform for Operational Efficiency

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Ansible Automation Platform is an open-source IT automation tool that automates provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, orchestration, and many other manual IT processes. Unlike more simplistic management tools, Ansible users (like system administrators, developers, and architects) can use Ansible automation to install software, automate daily tasks, provision infrastructure, improve security and compliance, patch systems, and share automation across the entire organization. Ansible can bring operational efficiency by removing manual processes using automation.

Ansible provides an enterprise framework for building and operating IT automation at scale, from hybrid cloud to the edge. Ansible enables users across an organization to create, share, and manage automation—from development and operations to security and network teams.

IT managers can provide guidelines on how automation is applied to individual teams, and automation creators can write tasks that use existing knowledge. Ansible provides a more secure and stable foundation for deploying end-to-end automation.

Ansible can automate:

  • Infrastructure
  • Applications
  • Networks
  • Containers
  • Security
  • Cloud

See what’s new with Ansible Automation Platform 2.2!

Ansible works by connecting to what you want automated and pushing programs that execute instructions that would have been done manually. The programs use Ansible modules that are written based on specific expectations of the endpoint’s connectivity, interface, and commands. Ansible will then execute these modules and removes them when finished.

There are no additional servers or databases required. Typically IT leaders will use their favorite terminal program, a text editor, and a version control system to keep track of changes to their content.

Automation Remains a Big Topic for IT Leaders

Recently, Red Hat released its annual Global Tech Outlook for 2022 where they surveyed 1,341 IT leaders and decision-makers to better understand where they are on their digital transformation journeys. A deeper dive into the numbers shows that automation is still an important topic for IT leaders:

  • 36% of IT decision-makers cited security automation as their top automation funding priority in 2022. Furthermore, automating IT operations was the second most common funding priority for optimizing legacy IT (38%) in 2021, the biggest increase from 2020.
  • Security automation is again the top funding priority for automation overall at 36% showing how modern DevSecOps practices—and good security practices more broadly—require continuous and automated security throughout the software life cycle.

Ansible Automation Platform has grown over the years to provide powerful automation solutions that work for operators, administrators, and IT decision-makers across a variety of technology domains. It is the leading enterprise automation solution from Red Hat, a thriving open-source community, and the de facto standard technology of IT automation.


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