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How to Code Faster and Improve Your Productivity with TabNine

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One of the biggest things that a programmer/developer/coder wants to improve is his coding speed. This skill can be improved throughout the time while you are gaining experience.

Of course, many different tools allow you to “cheat” while you are coding; for example, Emmet is a plugin that provides you with some code snippets to improve your workflow by writing HMTL/CSS/JS code. Emmet is included by default in some code editors like VS Code, Atom, etc.

1 Emmet

Like Emmet,, there are a lot of plugins that provide you with different snippets for different programming languages such as Javascript, and PHP, or snippets for frameworks like React, Laravel, or Vue. These plugins can be different in each code editor or IDE, and in some cases, the plugins don’t exist or the functionalities are not the same.

2 PlugIns

What is TabNine?

TabNine is a powerful tool/plugin that allows you to code and deliver better code faster.

It accelerates development by providing code guidance with patterns learned from millions of repositories and your projects. This means that TabNine will understand what you are coding and will give you some suggestions to write code faster and automatically write parts of the code predicting your next block of code.

Let me give you an elementary example: I’m coding using Java and I am going to declare two variables, one of them is going to store the user’s name and the other is going to store the user’s password for an account.

Example 1

Look how I just declared the userName String and when I was writing the second variable, TabNine suggested the name userPassword for this variable. This is just a basic example of how TabNine works but it is very powerful.

Another example with the same code, now I am going to write the constructor of my Human class and look at what TabNine suggested. , It is amazing!

Example 2

TabNine supports all the programming languages and IDEs, and the best part of everything is that IT IS FREE!

5 TabNine

If you want to try TabNine, I’ll give you the official website link and the steps for installation. It is very easy, just follow this link 👉🏻 Code Faster with AI Code Completions

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