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Why Additional Tailoring when we have Ready-made?

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A Shopper’s Confession

Let me start this blog with a confession: I prefer to shop my clothing from Ready-made stores in person only.

I go to the Ready-made stores, check every counter for what’s new first.

Secondly, select the cloth material. Considering our climatic conditions, its mostly cotton.

Thirdly I go for my comfortable fitting with scope for enhancements.

Fourthly filter for new colors available (though my wardrobe is full of basic colors).

Fifthly budget comes into the picture.

Finally after buying the Ready-made clothing, I go to my local tailor for an additional tailoring.

Why do I prefer this Ready-made, Additional-tailoring combo?


  • Is readily available in most of the sizes
  • Has variety to cover various seasons and occasions
  • Saves time spent on design and construction
  • Is updated to latest trends in fashion
  • Has suitable label instructions to ease care of fabrics

Additional Tailoring:

  • Makes it more comfortable for me by adjusting length
  • Makes it more sustainable by additional stitches

Tada! I got my new ready-made, additionally-tailored, comfortable, sustainable clothing. Happy me!

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The Combo Technique for Project Process

Now let me tell you how we can make our project process comfortable and sustainable using this combo technique.

What I look for in ready-made, are the criteria I look for in our QMS. What I look for in additional tailoring, are the allowed process tailorings, for the mutual benefit of our organization and client organization.

In our Ready-made QMS Enable 2.0, which:

  • Is readily available with guidelines to cover various needs of SDLC and Project Management
  • Caters to different types of projects
  • Saves time spent on usual SDLC activities by providing relevant guidelines, templates and tips
  • Addresses latest needs in SDLC and Project management through improvements from assessments like CMMi, ISO-27001, SSAE-18
  • Eases ensuring quality by providing relevant guidelines

We do an additional process tailoring at project level:

  • To collaborate with Client’s QMS/Processes
  • To share client’s infrastructure and tools
  • To share our best practices with client
  • To accept and imbibe Client’s process best practices

Resulting in our successful Agile-based Client-collaborative Business Model.

Thoughts on “Why Additional Tailoring when we have Ready-made?”

  1. That also explains this proverb “A stitch in time saves Nine” under project management category. Good one. Keep writing

  2. Good one Gayathri…
    I agree that the alteration tailoring is less expensive and less time consuming than doing it from scratch. Should we consider the cost and time (relatively smaller) for tailoring as a factor as well?

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