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Selecting Tools for Mobile Application Testing!


Today, with several mobile apps out there, the app ratings and reviews conjointly play a very important role for an end user in downloading the mobile apps. Hence, it’s primarily vital that the mobile app automation testing ought to be done throughout the mobile app development phase to confirm the app is absolutely tested with effective mobile automation testing tools.

So below are the Criteria for Selecting Mobile Application Testing Tools For Your Business:

  • Supported Platforms : Selecting a tool that supports your target operative systems, their completely different versions, and its hardware configurations may be a must. Don’t select a tool that supports only 1 platform like iOS.


  • Requisites Needs and Build Security : Consider in securing your build distribution and substantiate that it can’t be shared to with folks that don’t have any rights for it. The safety of your build is vital, and you ought to ne’er simply send a link by email. Your build are going to be distributed like a shot once being shared together with your testers working in the team. A notification is reached out to every tester concerning updates and you’re able to manage your team with simply a couple of clicks. Most significantly, once you decide on it, the build access are going to be closed and testers won’t be able to have access thereto any further.


  • Application Refactoring needs : Automated tools aren’t counselled, particularly here. At one purpose you need to modify and refactor your application to create it testable. The automation method isn’t counselled, and real testing should be finished with diligence and care. Your chosen tool ought to meet your needs to perform and deliver the expected results.


  • Result and Error work : Your tool ought to have the mandatory filters to mine log messages by their kind, text, priority, time and alternative vital areas. Your tool ought to track the bugs and crashes in order that the developers will reproduce the problem and fix it. For testing managers, it’d be enough to simply recognize if the actual check has passed or failed. Tools that enable you to review log summaries of every check across the timelines and that have the flexibility to provide report formats supported those summaries, square measure sensible to stay in mind.


  • Continuous Testing : Your tool must always check new code changes and providing you with feedback. Continuous testing is important in recognising however new code changes has the effect on the present system. It’s concerning temporal order similarly your feedback has to be fast. A robust testing tool ought to have the flexibility to support the testing framework, revision management, check configuration management, issue trailing, report generation and additional.


  • Ability to Integrate common third-party Bug-Tracking Systems : Your testing management tool ought to support all common solutions like Redmine, Mantis, YouTrack and Jira. The approach you choose to handle trailing and reportage bugs can have an excellent impact on the result of your app’s unleash.


  • Team Management : You must recognize your team within and out. Keep track of their responsibilities, what’s expected from them, and also the actual results of their work.

Here square measure some main challenges to stay in mind :

  • Mobile property : Connectivity affects the application’s responsibility, performance, security and functioning. The out there affiliation entirely depends on the mobile network.


  • Resource constraints : Mobile devices provide little or no resources that embody memory, battery, the central process unit, RAM, and alternative modules. If these resources square measure exhausted, the mobile application might not perform properly.


  • Autonomy : The mobile device is restricted to its battery capability. Some applications and settings use additional energy than others. Consumption and length square measure the most elements here. you wish to possess a mobile that monitors and supports battery consumption and battery length. this could be done through load testing.


  • Context Awareness : Mobile apps that have context awareness adapt to the info they receive from the setting. for instance, GPS programs, neighbour devices, the altitude, the brightness, and temperature all consider obtained information. These properties should be functionally tested, and also the check ought to simulate its capable skills.


  • Diversity of mobile devices : Make sure you decide on the supported platforms. you ought to contemplate the seller and model, the software (and completely different versions of it), and also the screen dimensions. you ought to keep your eye out for testing that may simulate information input from the context in period, simulation of specific devices, a check that may support mobile device platforms with completely different versions, and support for ever-changing screen sizes.


  • User expertise : This can’t be directly tested thanks to subjectiveness. To combat this issue, testers will ensure the adequacy of specific segments and compliances of the app. This conjointly includes the graphical interface, navigation between screens, the layout, notifications, font, and text.


  • Touchscreens : If a bit screen fails, it all fails. bit screens square measure important as a result of it’s the most side of communication and interaction with the user. The usability testing should embody responsiveness, gestures, and multi-touch. It should be able to support the measure of the screen’s responsiveness, gesture recognition, and multi-touch recognition.


  • Geography and carriers :The same app will perform otherwise once utilized in completely different geographies or with different carriers. One should check the app behaviour within the hottest target geographies they operate and among these countries to check with completely different carriers to be certain that there aren’t any problems.

It is good to start out with a signal of thought (PoC) on important platforms before narrowing all the way down to a tool or tool set. One tool might not attain cross-platform automation goals. Once check automation tools square measure evaluated, organizations should not overlook however they integrate with test management environments. One place to begin is to spot reusable situations across platforms and cluster them consequently. This facilitates the creation of pertinent along with an time-saving framework!



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