AI in Healthcare Consumerism

Artificial Intelligence Summit 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is driving increased focus on healthcare consumerism as patients are taking their medical care and the associated costs into their own hands. The personalization and self-service experiences that we see in other areas of daily life are now being applied to the healthcare industry with the help of AI.

Recently, two of Perficient’s experts spoke about AI in healthcare consumerism at The AI Summit New York, a virtual event that exclusively focuses on the impact of AI in business.

In this session Christine Livingston, Chief Strategist for Artificial Intelligence, and David Allen, Director of Healthcare Consulting, discussed common technology strategy foundational questions and trends in healthcare AI and discuss those themes in the context of healthcare consumerism – with a focus on machine learning, NLP and cognitive computing.

Learnings in Healthcare Consumerism

If you missed this year’s summit or you want to see the session again, you can watch Christine and David’s full session below or find it here on YouTube.

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Courtney Gardner

Courtney Gardner is a Marketing Coordinator at Perficient.

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