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[Webinar Recording] What Financial Institutions Can Learn From Top Brands in Other Industries

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It is time to reimagine the traditional banking business model and optimize it for the digital age. Financial institutions that want to remain ahead of their competition must adopt new business processes and implement fresh digital strategies and technologies. By optimizing these digital efforts, companies will increase sales and provide value to their customers.

Below are three examples of outstanding customer engagement campaigns that were launched by well-known brands (not discussed in our webinar!):

  • Coca-Cola launched the #shareacoke campaign, which placed 250 common names on Coke bottles. It was so personal that people bought bottles for themselves and others and took to social media with thousands upon thousands of photos. In Australia, you can even personalize Coke bottles with your name!
  • Casper Mattress Company created the Insomnobot-3000, a late-night chatbot designed to keep customers company when they cannot sleep. The bot would talk to the customers like a friend on the phone. This engagement increased revenue by $300 million in the first two years and collected phone numbers for SMS marketing purposes.
  • Cisco introduced AR and VR into the customer experience to create an interactive product catalog that customers can access anywhere in the world to view products in 3D and visualize them in their business space before actually making the purchase.

How will your company take the next step in customer engagement?

Recently, Jim Marous from The Financial Brand, alongside Scott Albahary and Kevin Colletti from Perficient, presented what highly recognizable brands outside of banking are doing in digital and how financial institutions can leverage similar tactics to attract, engage, and support customers.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Digital strategies from top brands across multiple industries
  • How these companies are enhancing the customer experience, resulting in more sales and increased value for customers
  • How financial institutions can apply these strategies

You can watch this on-demand webinar here.

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