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AEM: Add Ability to Open Asset Side Panel While Component Dialog is Open

Recently, I saw this post from Arun Patidar where he added a button to the AEM dialog to trigger Asset Side Panel to open. I had fixed this issue with CSS before and decided to share it.

Banner Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

The Problem:

My CSS Fix

While Arun’s solution works and is perfectly valid, I thought I’d add a solution I made with pure CSS:
Create a clientlib with categories="[cq.authoring.editor.hook]"
Add the following CSS:, #SidePanel.cq-dialog-is-open {
  z-index: 900 !important;

and here is the result:



However, both this solution and Arun’s solution are bandaids. The selectors we use in both of our solutions might change and are not guaranteed. Adobe, if you’re seeing this, fix this issue, please and thank you!


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