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Trends in Utilities: A Look Back—and Ahead

Every day, we sit at our computers and read the constant flow of headlines that cross the wires. In our meetings, we hear about our competitors, from what they are working on to how they are getting it done.

It is these stories that drive organizations to innovate and perform better. It is these conversations that create change, build great customer experiences, and forge lasting relationships.

In this collection, we look at key trends in the utilities industry and offer specific insights into:

  • Market Forces
  • Digital Experience
  • Business Optimization
  • Emerging Technologies

Below are a few key trends in the utilities industry:

  • In the years to come, the utilities industry will be driven by four forces: digitalization, decentralization, decarbonization, and democratization. Gartner
  • Major technology forces, such as the digital twin, AI, and blockchain, will impact utilities. Gartner
  • In a recent Gartner CIO Survey, more than 15% of global utility respondents indicated they have either already invested in digital twins or included digital twins in their short-term plans for digitalization. Gartner
  • Developing data-driven solutions, investing in digital channels, and delivering personalized services are key stages on the journey from traditional utility monitoring to intelligence and active control. Smart Energy
  • Consumers are looking to their providers for new tools and data that help them manage their energy usage and save money. CX-centric providers are sure to have a distinct competitive edge in an industry that is no longer just about keeping the lights on. Business Wire
  • According to ForeSee’s 2018 Utilities CX Insights report, 80% of customers would forego the call center if provided with an ideal online experience. This works to not only placate customer expectations, but also help utilities’ bottom lines, with up to $8 million in annual call center savings per provider. Diginomica
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5 Digital Essentials for Succeeding in the Utilities Industry

Learn about the state of the utilities industry, changes impacting both customers and providers, and five essentials for remaining front-and-center in your customers’ experience.

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It’s hoped that the trends and statistics presented will inspire and motivate you on your quest to become or remain an industry leader.

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