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Bridging the Cultural and Operational Divide in Digital Health

People, Process, and Technology

Most healthcare organizations today are undergoing some form of digital transformation. For some, the emphasis is on tactical efforts. Others are focused on the execution of a much broader digital health strategy, of which innovation plays a critical role. Regardless of the approach, transformation efforts involve some element of people, processes and technology, and while technology implementation is often well planned and executed, the organizational and process aspects of transformation are often overlooked.

Organizational Culture Maladies

False dawns, unproven business models, and uncertain regulatory environments are among the many reasons for institutional fatigue when it comes to digital health innovation. Nevertheless, consumer demand for digital health solutions has steadily blossomed in spite of such considerations. This follows much the same pattern as digital disruption in other services industries.

Diagnosing the Problem

Yes, healthcare has unique value chain considerations that have arguably muted the raw impact of digitization, but healthcare organizations must beware of a false sense of security. Long-standing healthcare business models and organizational cultures tend to magnify complexity and can sometimes put the brakes on innovation. But consumers are beginning to shop for better healthcare experiences and not much will deter them.

Healthcare payers and providers trying to navigate this environment must balancing enthusiastic disruptive innovation with more measured leverage of big-ticket technology platform investments.

To successfully do this, organizations must address three key challenges to providing an elevated, holistic experience for healthcare consumers:

  • Fractured Governance
  • Shiny Object Syndrome
  • False-Positive Test Result

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