Sitecore Symposium 2018: JSS Marketing Automation

Sitecore - Understanding Development Approaches: A Sitecore Outlook
Understanding Development Approaches: A Sitecore Outlook

Designing, building, and implementing top-notch experiences not only requires a great deal of planning, strategy, and time – it also requires the right digital experience platform (DXP) and the right development approach for your business needs.

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JSS Marketing Automation was lead by Perficient’s own Corey Smith and Rick Bauer.  The session started with attendees visiting a url to choose their favorite type of music.  They showed an entire JSS application with some basic analytics and goal tracking.

Building a JSS app

  • JSS enables rich front end UIs
    • Makes your page feel faster and more native
    • After the initial page load, only loads the part of the page that change
    • Integrates with Angular, Vue, and React
    • Would .Net MVC ever go the way of web forms as we move away from server side rendering?  Interesting though.
  • Disconnected mode
    • You do not need a windows machine or a live Sitecore instance to begin development for your site
    • Can run on docker, linux, or node
    • Can store basic content in .yml files
  • Connected mode
    • Can connect to marketing tools
      • Campaigns
      • Goal tracking
    • Can user personalization and a/b testing tools
    • Does not support Sitecore Forms at the moment


  • Cookie tracking
    • Automatically enabled in JSS layout services
    • Fetch webapi call
      • Must add “credentials: ‘same-origin'” to send cookies
  • Anti-forgery Token
  • Graph QL
    • There are not Json Renderings
    • You can set the graphql query to get your json data
    • Sitecore now has an Experience Graph Browser so you can craft your query

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