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Choosing a ClickDimensions Email Editor

Recently I worked with a client on comparing the ClickDimensions email editors in Dynamics 365. The client wanted to choose one email editor to implement and edit their custom email template. ClickDimensions offers four email editors and each email editor provides a different user experience. The client was concerned with preserving the email template styles and the mobile responsiveness of the template, but they also wanted the email editor to provide a good editing experience for their users.
I created the chart below to compare the four email editors and to rate each editor based on the client’s needs. The Drag and Drop editor offers the best functionality, but it does not accommodate the custom template HTML/CSS. The Custom HTML editor offers the second best functionality, but it does not provide an editing experience for the users. The Block Editor and the Free Style editor offer trade-offs between fidelity to the original template design and the editing experience. I hope that this analysis will help you choose your own ClickDimensions email editor.

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Jennifer Gyles-Bedford

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