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CloudBees Adds Analytics to DevOps Solutions

Open-Source Cloudbees Jenkins is at the center of many DevOps deployments, providing support for Continuous Integration and Deployment processes end-to-end. With so many data points at play in DevOps, CloudBees recently launched CloudBees DevOptics, an analytics application to aggregate data from software development pipelines as it moves through a Jenkins server.

The tool will identify potential bottlenecks in their software development processes. CloudBees DevOptics creates a single point of reference on the status of any application delivery project, all the way down to individual commits. With numerous organizations adopting DevOps to accelerate deployment of software, this development from CloudBees provides tools to optimize DevOps processes based on Jenkins as its next big opportunity. Other benefits of this solution include:

  • Analytics can be used to show all the participants in a process that progress is in fact being made in innovation and adjust for future releases.
  • Justification for the return on investment in DevOps to senior managers.
  • Understanding how scalability can impact innovation activities.

With the DevOps journey continuing to evolve, inserting analytics solutions will only improve future outcomes. Metrics collected and analyzed by the tools provided by CloudBees help organizations determine to what degree those hurdles are related to simple technical glitches versus organizational issues that are almost always a lot harder to resolve.

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