What’s New in IBM PureApplication v2.2.3

Leveraging hybrid cloud solutions can be complicated, especially for organization just getting started. Thankfully, there’s IBM PureApplication, a hybrid cloud application platform for deploying application environments quickly and repeatedly for on and off-premises implementations. While application deployment normally requires scripting and configuring the tasks to deploy and manage an application, IBM PureApplication simplifies and automates these tasks and processes to accelerate application delivery, lower costs and reduce errors.

IBM recently launched the latest version of PureApplication (v 2.2.3), which enables a completely new host of features. These include:

  • Virtual Machine Deployment with vCenter: Virtual machines are now more accessible and users can create and deploy them to Bluemix Local System. There are also more data recovery features to help with the replication of virtual machine file storage.
  • Disaster Recovery Management with Bluemix Local System: Disaster recovery capabilities are an important part of hybrid cloud. The newest version of PureApplication provides the ability to replicate workload environments across primary and backup systems.
  • Use Private VLANs in Bluemix Local System: Connect your virtual networking to your virtual local area networks with the latest update. With enhanced security, network isolation, and communication between virtual machines, organizations can run separate virtual machines securely, prevent virtual desktop infrastructure from seeing each other, and allow virtual machines to access the same backup server individually.
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Application modernization is a growing area of focus for enterprises. If you’re considering this path to cloud adoption, this guide explores considerations for the best approach – cloud native or legacy migration – and more.

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