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6 Can’t-Miss Customer Sessions at InterConnect

InterConnect starts on Sunday, and I’m sure many of you are planning how to make the most of your time with over 2000 sessions to choose from as part of the curriculum this year. While Perficient will be leading some great sessions, in many cases, the best way to learn is by the example of others. Below are some of the customer-led sessions that we’re most excited about at this year’s conference. With lessons learned and real-life use cases, these clients will give you immense insight into how to best leverage IBM tools for digital transformation.

APIs, Microservices and the Cloud: Insight from Kaiser Permanente

  • Thursday, 9:30 AM – 10:15 AM | South Pacific A | Session ID: 6607B
  • Speaker: Raghunath Raman, Kaiser Permanente
  • Abstract: As the API economy becomes ubiquitous across enterprises, the next frontier for digital transformation has to do with with scaling. Microservices and the cloud are two patterns that enable huge opportunities that can add value when governed by architecture and automation. Kaiser Permanente has been building microservices since before the term attained a buzzword status, and continues to transform healthcare one API at a time. This session will shed light on patterns implemented and lessons learned as the digital transformation continues.

3 Steps and 3 Years: Transforming the Application Integration Model at BSC with IBM PureApplication

  • Tuesday, 3:45 PM – 4:30 PM | South Pacific H | Session ID: 4780A
  • Speakers: Danny Manepally, Blue Shield of CaliforniaBhargav Vivekanandan, Blue Shield of California
  • Abstract: Three years ago, Blue Shield of California (BSC) began to transform its application integration model. Starting from a point-to-point integration service model, the trajectory of this transformation took us to a reusable atomic services model, and finally to a future based on an API management model. A key enabler in this transformation has been the IBM PureApplication platform. You will learn how this transformation in the application integration model resulted in significant acceleration in time to market delivery of business capabilities, enabling standardization of data across the business landscape within BSC, enhancing business agility and lowering the operating cost per service, resulting in greatly improved scalability.

Creating and Evolving an Agile Enterprise Integration Practice at Humana

  • Monday, 2:00 PM – 2:45 PM | Breakers B | Session ID: 3420A
  • Speaker: Doug Scobee, Humana Inc.
  • Abstract: Humana has been on a three-year-plus journey toward a future state architecture defined to heavily leverage service-oriented principles and designed to agilely adapt and respond to ever-changing business needs. We’ve established an enterprise Integration practice with multiple areas of focus, including defining and providing best practices for service/API delivery, an assessment program for helping delivery teams assess and improve on how they deliver services/APIs, and we actually build utility services/APIs to ensure our knowledge is practical and informed by our own experience. This session will discuss our journey and our strategy, and explore an example use case or two.

How Citi Transformed a Traditional Banking Platform to FinTech Using APIs

  • Monday, 2:00 PM – 2:45 PM | Lagoon H | Session ID: 2777A
  • Speaker: Irvinder Singh, Citi
  • Abstract: Citi needed to transform itself from a traditional bank to a FinTech organization. We wanted to provide mobile banking services and digital interfaces to our customers, and expose them to APIs that would simplify their digital interactions. Citi used IBM DataPower gateway, IBM API Management V4 and Advanced Developer portal. This solution offered efficiency, scalability and security. This session will cover how the implementation of the IBM solution offerings improved the mobile banking experience of Citi’s customers through the delivery of enhanced banking applications and by enabling reuse of microservices and APIs to quickly compose and deliver applications and functionalities to their clients.

American Airlines: Booking Automation Using IBM ODM

  • Monday, 11:15 AM – 12:00 PM | Mandalay Bay Ballroom I | Session ID: 6186A
  • Speakers: Muhammad Nanda, American Airlines; Darrin Goodreau, American Airlines
  • Abstract: Hear about how the world’s largest airline, American Airlines, went through the decision-making process when selecting a Business Rules Engine, and how it’s being leveraged to support the airline’s internal processes to manage and automate bookings. Speaking together will be representatives from both American Airlines’ Line of Business and IT management teams, who will discuss their experiences working together to help transform the way American Airlines automates its bookings.

The Three Questions: Preparing to Use Building Information Models in IBM Maximo and TRIRIGA

  • Wednesday, 11:15 AM – 12:00 PM | Islander A | Session ID: 5098A
  • Speaker: Chuck Mies, Autodesk, Inc.
  • Abstract: While the design and construction phases of the building lifecycle have been transformed by Building Information Modeling (BIM), those in the post-occupancy phases of the lifecycle are still struggling to understand how they can exploit this practice trend. In this session, Chuck Mies from Autodesk will help you understand how the simple questions asked at the beginning of the project’s design phase can create a platform for Maximo and TRIRIGA users to exploit this industry process change: 1) Who’s going to use the data?; 2) What data are we going to capture and how?; and 3) How will the data be maintained? This will not be a technical session, but a discussion of high-level workflows and strategies.

If you’re not able to attend InterConnect this year, follow us on Twitter and on the blog for updates and session recaps. Our experts will be sharing their thoughts on these sessions and many more throughout the conference.

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