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4 DevOps Predictions for 2017

The pomp and circumstance of the New Year has worn off and many of us are back at work. As we look to the year ahead, excitement abounds with the expectations and hopes for what technology and innovation will bring us including predictions.

Last year was a banner year for DevOps as the philosophy gained adoption steam and acceptance throughout the technology community. In this blog, we’ll look at what to expect for the year ahead in DevOps and how organizations will be affected.

Prediction #1: DevOps Expands Across IT

Much of our discussion around DevOps in the previous year centered around its impact towards development teams. With proven impact in that specific area, 2017 will see the expansion of DevOps to the rest of IT as leaders embrace the cost savings, automation, and collaborative benefits. We expect organizations to focus on more DevOps-focused projects this year while also emphasizing a lean approach.

Prediction #2: DevOps Concepts Expand to the Business

Digital Transformation is on the minds of executives as we hit the tail end of the 2010s and we expect DevOps to be the latest entrant. Furthermore, we also expect DevOps as a philosophy to expand into business strategies at large as organizations look to automate. In fact, this has already begun as an insurance firm in Japan recently replaced all of its employees with robots that promise greater cost savings in the long run.

Prediction #3: DevOps is Misunderstood

Every business philosophy’s coming out party also brings a great deal of misunderstanding – you remember social media in its early days, right? In similar fashion, many organizations will assume that the adoption into DevOps will bring automatic collaboration, cost savings, and innovation, much like social media was supposed to bring automatic awareness. In misunderstanding, organizations will see failed technology projects without properly understanding that their culture was to contribute. Our Innovation Lab can help organizations bridge the gap between misunderstanding and success. For the right organizations however…

Prediction #4: DevOps Becomes a Legitimate Competitive Advantage

When Waterfall and Agile were first adopted as development philosophies, they were seen as innovative and game-changing, especially for an industry struggling to keep up with rising customer expectations. The arrival of DevOps is no different and in 2017, we expect it to become a legitimate competitive advantage, particularly for organizations who use automation to their advantage.

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What do you think will become of DevOps in 2017? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. Check back later in the year as we look at how well our predictions are doing.

If your organization is looking to jump into DevOps in 2017, let us help. Send us an email to to learn more about our work, recognized in industries including healthcare, finance, and communications.

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