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Wrapping up IMC 2016

Hope y’all had a great time at the conference this week and you were able to enjoy a little warmer weather too. How about the Casino night last night, what a great time, right? Oh and for those that stuck around for the karaoke and dancing; wow, there’s some talented people within our group. Let’s not forget all of the dancers who did a great job keeping the place rocking too.

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Before the fun and games, hopefully you were able to stop by the Expo booths and learn more about how the different vendors can help you and your business. There are so many unique skills on the Expo floor. For those of you collecting stamps, you have a few more hours this morning to catch up on the last few remaining that you need. Good luck on winning the prizes!

The education sessions this week have been good too, from the feedback I’ve heard. Because they’re industry related and not product specific like Maximo, or other CMMS, hopefully you can take back what you learned and apply to the systems/processes you’re using. For all those taking the Certified Reliability Leader (CRL) Exam, good luck and hope everyone passes.

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