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Wrapping up IMC 2016

Hope y’all had a great time at the conference this week and you were able to enjoy a little warmer weather too. How about the Casino night last night, what a great time, right? Oh and for those that stuck around for the karaoke and dancing; wow, there’s some talented people within our group. Let’s […]

IMC 2016 – Day 1

It’s still early enough in the day, it’s almost like yesterday and as you can see, lots of great vendors to visit at the show.  We’re here to help you with questions you might have about Maximo, Asset Management, Analytics and other business areas you might need. Stay tuned for booth setup and more pictures […]

IoT in Manufacturing

Join us at the 2016 IndustryWeek Manufacturing & Technology Conference & Expo as Abbvie, Perficient and IBM discuss “The Impact of Analytics on Asset Reliability and Process Quality”. Asset-intensive industries have been connecting assets to dashboards for decades. The “Internet of Things” (IOT) has significantly changed the way these connections are made. Lower costs of […]

Serviceability Auditing

Serviceability What is application serviceability?  “Serviceability (also known as supportability,) is one of the -ilities or aspects (from IBM’s RAS(U) (Reliability, Availability, Serviceability, and Usability)). It refers to the ability of application support personnel to install, configure, and monitor an application, identify exceptions or faults, debug or isolate faults to root cause analysis, and provide […]