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IBM Digital Experience Named Leader by Gartner

If you’re looking for a comprehensive digital experience platform for 2017, look no further than IBM Digital Experience. As customers demand more out of their business experiences and IT faced with many solutions on the market, finding a solution that is both comprehensive and deep are rare.

Luckily there are research firms like Gartner who comb the industry looking for best-in-breed solutions, including those presented by IBM Digital Experience. Holding steady for the last decade, the suite of solutions continues to hold off challengers in what continues to be a noisy market. In particular, as IBM continues to move towards cloud and DevOps solutions bookmarked by Watson, organizations are more likely to make the shift.

Here’s what Gartner had to say about WebSphere Portal:

  • WebSphere Portal offers the rock-solid reliability and performance characteristics that IT demands, while steadily improving the ability for the business to build and manage user experiences.
  • Recent organization changes put the WebSphere Portal team under the auspices of IBM’s digital commerce leadership, which should align WebSphere’s positioning and development toward more business-driven, customer-facing use cases.
  • IBM is the first vendor to actively use smart machine capabilities in its portal solution, employing Watson services to enhance context awareness and relevancy.

The accolades, however, don’t end there. IBM was also named a leader in Web Content Management, placed alongside other industry names including Adobe, SiteCore, and Oracle. Gartner said the following:

  • Few vendors are as thoroughly equipped as IBM with technologies and services for WCM in the context of the entire “customer journey,” from marketing to customer support. IBM Web Content Manager is tightly integrated into its sophisticated portal platform, IBM WebSphere Portal, which makes IBM a suitable choice for a broad range of digital experience use cases.
  • IBM’s application of Watson’s cognitive computing abilities to the digital experience is eye-catching. IBM is already using Watson for recommendations and determination of relevance, which could well reduce the amount of complicated, burdensome rule building that organizations have traditionally had to undertake in order to personalize digital experiences.
  • Reports from the market praise IBM Web Content Manager for its scalability and extensibility.

The benefits of going with IBM don’t just end there. We’ve helped numerous organizations across all industries realize digital transformation with IBM Digital Experience, and can help yours as well. Send us an email at to get the conversation started.

Learn more about our IBM practice here.

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