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The New Paradigms of Application Development

Having arrived home from Pivotal SpringOne, I’ve given some thought over the past few weeks around what I heard at the conference. From listening to breakout sessions to speaking with fellow attendees, I felt that I was able to get a fairly solid grasp on where cloud computing, as well as application development is heading.

My conclusions have allowed me to attribute the success and rise of Pivotal’s platform to four main areas, which I’ll cover in greater detail. I believe that these four are truly changing the way organizations create and innovate upon new technologies and with each working together, they create the new world we now know. They are:

  • Cloud computing
  • Platforms
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Applications

The first and most obvious paradigm shift lies in the rise of cloud computing. As you’ve read here and heard from your colleagues, cloud computing has delivered an unparalleled level of digital transformation, enabling organizations to save money, become agile, and embrace economic elasticity. Furthermore, adoption of cloud technologies means that organizations can experience newer technologies without footing a steep bill like before.

The second paradigm shift lies in platform technologies. For companies looking to get ahead, adopting platforms is about management of applications and data. In the arena of applications, organizations are seeking solutions that are always available, scalable, and update automatically in-line with security patches. In data, organizations are seeking solutions that are secure and never lost. In total, data allows organizations to better serve their customers and ultimately develop superior products.

The third paradigm shift lies in agile methodologies, a philosophy rooted in helping organizations stay lean while continuing to accelerate towards business goals. The new paradigms of application development require a healthy level of collaboration and communication while offering high-level continuous integration and delivery that respond quickly to new business requirements and changes.

The final paradigm lies in applications. Over the past decade, applications have accelerated in use as smartphones became popular with consumers. In the same vein, enterprises have caught on as well, leveraging individual applications to achieve smaller gains in a larger scope. In this area, it’s important to focus only on your business logic and make sure your application delivers exactly what you say it does.

Closing Thoughts

How will you transform your organization with modern application development? With Pivotal, you can develop your innovations directly in the cloud and leverage technologies including microservices and virtualization to make it happen. Get in touch with Perficient today at to learn more about how we can turn vision into reality.

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