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Seamless Digital Commerce Experiences that Drive Revenue

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As buyers, we communicate with brands using an increasing number of devices via an ever-growing range of digital channels. We go online for many reasons. Sometimes we’re seeking information and other times we want to be entertained. Many times we’re researching brands and buying products. For the digital marketer, this habitual action offers incredible opportunities. With the right team, strategy, and tools companies can meet – and even exceed – demanding customer expectations. Digital marketers and merchandisers can align their activities to meet buyers when and how they wish to engage.

Steve Gatto, Perficient Partner Specialist, and Doug Heise, Coremedia Global Product Marketing Director have put together the following guide discussing the changing dynamic of online shopping and provide practical advice on how to blend content and commerce to optimize digital engagement.

In this guide, we examine:

  • The Marketer’s Dillema
  • The Need For a Unified Omni-Channel Digital Strategy
  • Challenges at the Nexus of Content and Commerce
  • How to Heal Fractured Organizations
  • How to Use Data To Increase the Value Exchange Between Brands and Buyers
  • How to Identify the Right Solution Approach & Key Components For an Integrated Content and Commerce Strategy

Download the Guide today!

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