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Microsoft’s Windows Holographic is the “Next Frontier”

Citing research that demand for virtual reality headsets will rise to almost 80 million devices by 2020, Microsoft announced during the keynote presentation at Computex in Taipei that Windows Holographic will bring the “next frontier” in personal computing.

“In this [mixed reality] world, devices can spatially map your environment wherever you are; manipulating digital content is as easy and natural as picking up a box or sitting at a table; and you can easily teleport into your next meeting or travel together as a team,” Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President of Windows and Devices, said in a blog post.

With this technology – which is included in Windows 10 – I could “meet” and collaborate with my colleagues from around the world by being projected into the same virtual space. The technology is expected to work across devices, including Oculus, and Holographic apps can be built on the Universal Windows Platform.
If Microsoft’s predictions hold true, I can’t wait to invite you all over to hang out in my virtual world!

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Jane Louis, Microsoft Marketing Manager

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