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Tips for Pre-Implementation of Fusion OIE

Expense reports can be a pain, as we all know. Whether it’s creating them for ourselves or if we are auditing or approving, there is not much joy reciprocated from performing these tasks. As a consultant, however, it’s not so bad implementing Oracle Internet Expenses. Luckily, we have guides and documents to reference for implementations that help to make the process much easier to understand. As a newcomer to the consulting industry, I did plenty of my own research and self-teaching to ensure that my newest area of expertise, OIE, was fully functional for my first client and now I feel much more confident when handling this application.

One thing I hope to help you, the reader, understand is that OIE is a smaller application that can be built with the help of Oracle referencing. By this I mean the implementer should reference user guides, implementation guides, concept guides, and security reference guides as well as test scripts throughout the entire process. There are guides and documents for all releases out there on the Web and on the Oracle My Support page. Coming from personal experience, the knowledge offered for each release is helpful in many ways, especially when preparing for a new release that is going to be available soon.

Currently, R11 is available for many clients, new and existing. I have been doing a great amount of research as to what will be different from the previous R10 to the new and current R11. After reviewing the new documentation that is available, I feel prepared for the changes coming my way. So, if you are feeling the pressure of handling OIE for the first time, take my advice and do a bit of studying beforehand. It’s not overly time-consuming and is well-worth the effort. Know that the guides were created to make consulting life easier. Now I hope you stick around to check out my tips for how to handle R11 changes, as well as details of the different areas of OIE in the weeks to come.

Here is a link to a basic implementation doc for Fusion OIE to reference:

See you soon!

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