DRM Quick Tip: Ordering Hierarchy Groups

Hierarchy groups providing a mechanism for managing hierarchies within DRM. In the simplest of terms, hierarchy groups are essentially folders of similar hierarchies. DRM administrators can create, modify, delete groups as needed. Below is an example of hierarchy groups from the hierarchy pane of the Browse task within DRM.


The Entity group contains the Geography hierarchy, the Generic group contains the Activity and Product hierarchies, and the Account hierarchy belongs to the Account group.

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But what if users want to see the hierarchy groups in a specific order, say alphabetically? How can admins go about modifying the order of hierarchy groups?

First, go to the Administer task. Right-click on Hierarchy Groups and select Custom Sort Order.


A pop-up window will appear allowing the ordering of the groups. Set the order and click OK.


Return to the Browse task and the groups will be in the order specified.


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