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When you think about the picture of a garage it often brings images of grease, oil, tools and cars. At the IBM Interconnect 2016 conference this week IBM released a new methodology called IBM Bluemix Garage. I had the pleasure of sitting in a session led by Rachel Reinitz – IBM Distinguished Engineer & CTO IBM Bluemix Garage.

IBM Bluemix Garage Method

IBM Bluemix Garage Method


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The focus of this methodology is to provide a different approach for quickly delivering new ideas, usually in less than 12 weeks. The ultimate deliverable is what is called a minimum viable product that is fully functional in the cloud. This accelerated methodology allows customers to quickly determine if the new product will meet their business goals.

The Bluemix Garage method starts with an idea from the client about a new product they wish to develop. The garage team then works with the client to establish the definition of what they call a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Once they have determined the MVP then the team moves straight into design, build, and experimentation within the IBM Bluemix environment. The final steps provide integration to any external systems or data required for the product.

IBM will have six locations around the globe where they are delivering the IBM Bluemix Garage process for clients. In addition to these locations they also have “Pop-up”  garage teams that come to the client location to deliver the same fast paced solution. Although various aspects of the methology are used in other modern development methodologies this one connects with a robust cloud based environment (IBM Bluemix). This allows the client to quickly validate the product in the real world with real users. It is great to see companies like IBM demonstrating how any company can quickly innovate a new idea and grow their business. This approach will allow small and large companies to disrupt their industries while expanding their product and service offerings. Check it out IBM Bluemix Garage.

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