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Migrate Existing Web Services and Build Microservices in Bluemix


Ronda Kiser Oakes, IBM Champion and Perficient director of IBM Cloud and DevOps, and Sean Wright, Perficient technical director of IBM Mobile, presented a session and demonstration at IBM InterConnect 2016 Migrate Existing Web Services and Build Native Microservices in Bluemix.

The session began with Sean discussing the considerations and approaches for migrating to Bluemix including Perficient’s Immersion solution.

Migration Approach Options

There are two main migration approach options

  1. Existing services “re-hosted” in Bluemix – options include:
    • Evaluate Liberty profile fit for existing services
    • Evaluate IBM containers for a fit for existing services
    • Evaluate full application server on cloud
  2. Existing services “re-architected” for Bluemix – options include
    • SpringCloud
    • Liberty Profile
    • Node.js

Migration Approach using Immersion

This approach is the foundation for Perficient’s 2016 IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding Enterprise Cloud Solution.  The Immersion approach offers continuous delivery, migration and validation to speed delivery to Bluemix.


For more information visit Perficient’s Immersion Solution.

During the next portion of the session Ronda discussed DevOps and how it is a perspective.  It is about the business of IT and how you can modernize it.


Key Notes and Takeaways

There are 4 entries into DevOps

  • Release and deploy – this is most common
  • Development and test
  • Monitor and optimize – this portion is very important but often overlooked
  • Steer

Culture is very important.  Development links to operations through communication, collaboration and integration.

DevOps and the Microservices.  Continuous integration, deployment and delivery require many tools and process.

DevOps and Microservices

And finally the session wrapped up noting that a DevOps solution can be implemented with a wide array of tool-sets and can leverage ones that a customer already owns.


The session overall was very informative and interactive with the audience.  Both Sean and Ronda would welcome having further conversations on these topics.

Sean Wright

Ronda Kiser Oakes

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