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Does Risk-Based Monitoring Shift The Burden Onto Sites?



When site personnel hear that their sponsors have switched to RBM and will no longer be sending monitors at regular intervals throughout the study, they might feel like they’ve been abandoned and that now the burden of executing the study perfectly is 100% on them.

Au contraire, my friends! In an RBM strategy, sites are absolutely not abandoned. Instead, monitoring time and resources are allocated as needed, rather than equally. This means that the sites who need the most help are absolutely going to get it. 

Sites who are struggling will get more time and attention from their sponsors, and probably even more face-time with their monitors than they traditionally did. This is because other sites that are chugging along just fine won’t be getting monitored as frequently or as in-depth, freeing up time and resources for the sites who need extra support.

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Marin Richeson

Marin joined the life sciences industry in 2001. Over the course of her tenure, she has held roles in clinical finance, IT, quality assurance, and validation. The diversity of her experience provides her with a unique perspective on the interconnectedness of this complex, multi-faceted industry. Marin Richeson is a lead business consultant in Perficient's life sciences practice.

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