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Logging maintenance work while out and about…

man_holding_mobile_shutterstock_wordpressIf you’re like me, you try to plan and have good intentions to complete activities only to have life interrupt and forget. Ever planned a day of activities / work to find out later that something was missed? Unfortunately this happens far too often and applies to virtually any line of business.

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How about the last time the maintenance staff was working on an issue: preventive, corrective or even emergency work perhaps…  Instead printing the work, writing notes (assuming he/she has a writing utensil) and giving that paper to someone else to record, why not enter it directly? If your team’s writing is anything like mine; it’s a challenge to read by myself, let alone anyone else trying to decipher the code.

How about a better way to do record work? You already have IBM Maximo or another CMMS solution? That’s great! Let’s talk about mobile. Instead of allowing the above situation from happening, why not enable your team with mobile devices? They come in all shapes / sizes and most likely people already have one at their side. Mobility allows workers to pull their assignments, electronically record the details and automatically update the system as he/she clicks save or the next time they connect to the network. During this “sync” process the solution can automatically update the device with new work for the tradesperson to repeat…

Mobility is all around us and in use for other things. Perhaps it’s time to evaluate a more efficient use of our time, increase accuracy by not trying to read / enter poor handwriting and reduce time to dispatch / record the work. The value is there and can be easily proven. What are your challenges?

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