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Why APIs are the driver of IoT

APIs are the gateway to accessing Internet of Things connected devices, and server as the bridge between the Internet and Things. APIs are the invaluable driver for IoT to evolve, where APIs provide access to the mesh of web services that are required for IoT to be useful and operate.

APIs provide a following important pieces for Internet of Things:

  • A standard for data pass through
  • Identity Management
  • Overcome Transport challenges
  • Connectivity

API Gateway


Examples of IoT and APIs can be seen in retail, or in your home. Walgreens allows developers to create applications for its photo services through APIs. With the creation of this end users can print photos straight from other social media applications. At home, Netflix has an API that can connect “Smart Bulbs” to dim lighting dynamically to the movie you are watching.

API platforms serve as a way to interact with inbound traffic, designate where traffic can be organized, authenticated, and provide data management. The endpoints of IoT devices are the portal for data analytics where API is the filter from user to organization. APIs are the largest driver of IoT that allow for innovation.



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