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Where are you in your Data Journey?

Enterprise… To boldly go where no business has gone before

The theme for Informatica World 2015 is “All Things Data.”

To more thoroughly understand “All Things Data,” I went to synthesize pillars of all things data with Informatica products and Perficient’s service offerings.

During this synthesis, it occurred to me that an analogy for this concept is a space journey… and so our booth theme emerged. Star Trek. The Enterprise Spaceship journeying into a galaxy of data from planet (products) to planet as satellites (services) orbit each planet in constant, fluid collaboration.

Every IT project in the enterprise, it is a journey.

So where are you in your data journey?

Are you embarking on a journey into Enterprise Data with ETL and DIH?

Are you embarking on a journey into Information Governance with DQ and MDM

Are you embarking on a journey into Information Management with PIM?

Or are you voyaging toward the Cloud?

Come visit our booth to tell us about your journey.

We are giving away a $300 Amex card and hosting a dart game… we even have a celebrity at the booth too.


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