Amplify 2015: IBM Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy and Roadmap

IBM’s Arlen van der Broek talked about IBM’s strategy for omni-channel marketing. Some of the new solutions will include Hybrid, big data, open API framework, data integration and syndication, and true message orchestration.

IBM has a set of tools that work on premise. These are known as IBM Marketing Software. IBM is introducing IBM Marketing Cloud that will provide cloud-based capabilities.  Finally in the middle are new tools like Journey Analytics and Journey Designer.

Planned additions to Marketing Software stack.

  • Build better insight with data and integration
  • Leverage Journey Desinger and adding APIs
  • Continue existing components

Themes for current and future releases include:

  • Optimize real time
  • Deepen capabilities in multi channel
  • Extend solutions with workflow and Journey Designer
  • UX & Integration

IBM is adding REST APIs to campaign to open it up for other applications. Another API is in the area of listening to capture data from other platforms.

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PCI -predictive customer intelligence is based in SPSS and works with IBM Interact. Realtime, scoring will feed Interact and Campaign to enable targeted marketing.

Integration is very important. IBM is using the API concepts to be able to consume data from other systems. Audience APIs will allow importing audience data. Content API will open up campaign to external content management systems.

IBM is building APIs to integrate SilverPop more seamlessly with Campaign.

IBM is also exploring a single optimization hub that blends outbound and inbound optimization. This would bring together batch process with realtime learning.

In big data, Campaign is going to work with Hadoop systems such as cloudera, Hortonworks and others. IBM sees a clear shift away from SQL databases to these nosql structures.

For workflow, they are converging on using BPMN standards to integrate with compliant BPM systems.

IBM Interact will be able to see which channel a customer interacts with and allow the marketer to deliver out to that or other channels. Interact will also get a customer facing simulator so you can test approaches.

How about a hosted version?  You can run the Marketing Software (on prem version) on Softlayer.   This is not a cloud offering – you can go to the IBM Marketing Cloud for that.

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