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IBM Offers 3 Flavors of PaaS

20150224_191055893_iOSIn the session “Hybrid Cloud: Getting Started with a Dedicated, Private BlueMix of Your Very Own”. Turns out that in addition to offering local BlueMix they now offer a dedicated single-tenant BlueMix option.

PaaS is such a great way for businesses to start delivering new applications. It manages scale, availability and performance without having to get your hands dirty playing with containers and/or virtual machines. I’m shocked more businesses haven’t decided to move to a “PaaS First” mindset and only building outside of PaaS if requirements demand it.

With IBM’s dedicated option, businesses that would like to migrate more workloads to the cloud but are concerned with running in a multi-tenant environment, now have another option. Moreover, IBM seems to have really focused on how to deliver hybrid capacity without the complexity associated with doing this at the virtual machine layer.

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