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Be Cloud Ready with 12 Factor App

Codebase –  One application one code base. Configuration should not be part of your application code. Dependencies – Application must supply its dependencies than relying on environment to provide. Configuration – Everything that changes should be declared outside code. User environment variable for configuration. Backing Services – Backing services are external resources and should be […]

IBM Offers 3 Flavors of PaaS

In the session “Hybrid Cloud: Getting Started with a Dedicated, Private BlueMix of Your Very Own”. Turns out that in addition to offering local BlueMix they now offer a dedicated single-tenant BlueMix option. PaaS is such a great way for businesses to start delivering new applications. It manages scale, availability and performance without having to […]

IBM Adds Private Cloud CloudFoundry Implementation

At IBM InterConnect Dev@ keynotes, IBM announced it would be providing a local version of IBM BlueMix. This is a very interesting development. To date, there have only been two providers of private cloud CloudFoundry vendor supported products. With the addition of local BlueMix, customers now have a third option for private cloud CloudFoundry, but […]

IBM Portlets Running on Liberty Profile on IBM Bluemix

You may not have heard of the Liberty Profile, unless you are interested in running WebSphere Application Server in a cloud environment like BlueMix.  Saurabh Agarwal and Jaspreet Singh presented this session at the IBM Digital Experience Conference. What is this Liberty Profile? Liberty is a lightweight WebSphere Application Server that is already embedded in […]