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How Cloud and DevOps are Transforming Entertainment

This month, millions of Americans will flock to cavernous stadiums around the country to take part in the annual ritual of football games. Attracted by the sounds of bone-crushing hits and unmatched athletic feat, football has been in the American consciousness for the past half-century, bringing together everyone from Midwestern small towns to large metropolises. […]

How to Decide On Your Cloud Strategy

With businesses generating more data than ever, the cloud is always a good fall back for storage and agility. Reducing operational costs and improving analytical power, there is little doubt that cloud computing is the way to go to optimize organizational business intelligence. As we’ve learned through the years however, just saying that you want […]

IBM Adds Blockchain Integration for Financial Innovation

Finance trends are always making the media rounds, which of late lies in cryptocurrency. With uncertainty in the financial markets, the latest news has been around topics including blockchain and bitcoin, discussed among experts for its benefits of decentralization, security, and transparency. Blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger for recording the history of transactions in […]

IBM Cloud Identified as Visionary by Gartner

IBM’s transition to the cloud continues to pay dividends. Since acquiring Softlayer in 2013 and introducing Bluemix, customers have enjoyed a complement of cloud infrastructure solutions for their business needs. Additionally, the rise of cognitive solutions through IBM Watson has further bolstered cloud credibility, notably with the partnership that surfaced with tax preparer H&R Block […]

Growing on the Cloud with IBM Bluemix

The month of March and April means spring, renewal, and the moving of clocks forward to accommodate Daylight Savings Time. For many, it is also the season of growth as snow and ice finally begins to melt, allowing for the growth of crops and vegetables. In the past, gardening experiences involved sharing information between friends […]

Kickstart Your Fall with IBM Bluemix

If you can believe it, we are now two-thirds of the way through 2016, which means that pumpkin spice lattes, fall leaves, and the holiday shopping season are on the horizon, with business planning for 2017 not too far off. For many of us, the year only seems a few months old, but when you […]

IBM Bluemix Ranked As Leading PaaS Platform

Developers have numerous choices when it comes to their technology capabilities. In a technology community, there is always conversation around which solutions are superior and which should be skipped. Thankfully, IBM Bluemix falls in the former category, named as the leading Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) platform by the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). Taken as a survey from […]

Driving Summer Experiences with Hybrid Cloud

Summer has officially arrived, which means late evening barbecues, day trips to the beach, and weekend excursions out to the ballpark. For individuals like me, it’s an opportunity to really soak in all that Southern California has to offer, from impromptu trips to the beach to a night out under the palm trees in Downtown […]

May the Force Be With Your Cloud Strategy

Not long ago in a technology world not so far away, traditional on-premises information technology was the norm for ambitious enterprises . Every few years, management would realize that existing assets had become outdated, and work towards a technology refresh. Often times these refreshes were arduous, multi-month-long projects requiring increased manpower, strategic advisory, and research […]

Draft IBM Bluemix for Your DevOps Needs

This week is the draft for the National Football League (NFL), the professional sports equivalent to job hunting for college football players. Over several days, young student-athletes await their fate of being chosen by one of 32 NFL teams for the chance to make millions, play on national television, and win the Super Bowl. All […]

How IBM Cloud Transforms How We Eat

Food brings friends, families, and colleagues together. With warmer weather and days that stretch deeper into the evenings ahead of us, there will be many opportunities for us to cook and entertain for guests. On many of these upcoming occasions, we’ll want to be conscious in what we are preparing and provide a variety of […]

Spring Cleaning in the Cloud (Part 2)

We’re now more than a week into Spring and the end of March has arrived, putting us at three months into 2016. As we move deeper into our Spring Cleaning routine, some of us will find interesting items. I know I sometimes find old receipts, used plane tickets, and the occasional USB cable I misplaced. […]

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